From NZD $155.00
  • Duration: 6 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Dunedin, Oago
  • Product code: DUNOCRGR11

Dunedin welcomes you to the delightful Port Chalmers and  the  many unique aspects on your special day tour.
Whatever your interests surround yourself with the Scottish feel of this region. 

Your Chauffeur will take you on a historical journey of beautiful landscapes, stunning Port Chalmers high top views and many options to choose from, including Larnach Castle, the only registered castle in New Zealand. 

 Otago Peninsula with sightings of the Albatross soaring above the cliffs and protecting their nesting ground. History of the lighthouse and the inhabitants of long ago. Travel the inland route for scenic options of the Pacific Ocean views and the countryside.  Returning along the Coastal seaside route as you return from the Peninsula.

Your recommended options could start with the following itinerary so you see as much as you can while onshore:.

Your tour is flexible according to your ship's schedule in Port. Lunch and refreshments are at your own cost.
entry fees can be paid on the day.

Olveston House you may add this option in as an extra as prebooking in advance on cruise days could be recommended.

The hard part is choosing, however your onshore tour will show you the most beautify Garden City in New Zealand and the main draw cards that have thrilled visitors for many years.

Signal Hill:
For your first experience, an excellent look-out with 360 degree views of this part of New Zealand.

The rolling hills in the distance, the snow capped Southern Alps, the pacific Ocean and Dunedin City 

Baldwin Street: The steepest street in the World! View from the bottom, climb half way or even to the top. Locals live on this street and travel up and down every day. Even the post man delivers mail! Crazy day of Jaffa (iced chocolate sweet) racing of millions of jaffas that are numbered for you are let go from the top. Always an accurate winner. 

Nova Café: The Octagon: A favourite stop for Your Local Chauffeur here....Order your huge sugar donut home baked at the Nova Cafe, use the syringe supplied with your favourite cream,,, lemon, caramel, chocolate and more....

St. Paul's Cathedral: Work your donut off and climb the steps into St Paul's Cathedral. Admire the stained glass arched windows and featured ceilings and listen to the 250 organ pipes that have created the sounds of the special days of worship through-out the generations.

Art Galleries: Whether you stop here as well to view local artists works or move on to the Dunedin Railway Station where you find exceptional architectural delights and more artworks. 

Olveston House: A very special home that has been preserved and treasured by the Dunedin Community. Dorothy, a talented mountaineer never married and lived alone after her brother passed away.  Everything has been left in its place, just where she left it.  The kitchen utensils, her wardrobe, her treasures and the fittings. Your personal guide offers a very extensive tour commentary for you. Mementos and local trinkets are available for you in their entry reception area.

Other options you may wish to include:

The University of Otago: Wander among the vast array of heritage buildings that have offered expert training in the field of medicine. 

Toitu Otago Settlers Museum: History again here of how the settlers lived, history on how the gold was panned and the machines devised to make it easier, modes of transport and business's that have grown today to be very big names we all know. 

The Chinese Garden: Admire the garden displays of early Dunedin when the Chinese residents lived in the area seeking gold.
Time permitting or making your choices to ensure you can visit:

The Otago Peninsula: Is certainly an icon stop on your  tour. The Albatross and their amazing wing span glide in the skies in their natural breeding ground. Along with the cute yellow eyed penguins.  The journey will take one hour each way with stops. Be sure that you take time for this choice. It is well worth the experience.

Larnach Castle: The only registered Castle in New Zealand with great family history. Tours are offered to view the levels of the Castle. You are met at the large heritage double doors when you ring the bell.  Take time to see how they lived and survived in these far off days of Dunedin.  

Additional charges apply of around $35 entry or $15 if you wish to wander about the Estate Gardens. 
A special treat is offered at The Ballroom Cafe where even today events are held to celebrate the era of the Castle.  Many activities are a regular occurrence here at the Castle Ballroom. A great place for a wedding.

The Moeraki Boulders: Unusually large and spherical boulders lying along a stretch of Koekohe Beach of New Zealand between Moeraki and Hampden. They occur scattered either as isolated or clusters of boulders within a stretch of beach where they have been protected in a scientific reserve. The erosion by wave action of mudstone, comprising local bedrock and landslides, frequently exposes embedded isolated boulders. These boulders are grey-colored septarian concretions, which have been exhumed from the mudstone enclosing them and concentrated on the beach by coastal erosion.

The striking aspect of the boulders is their unusually large size and spherical shape, with a distinct bimodal size distribution. Approximately one-third of the boulders range in size from about 0.5 to 1.0 metre (1.6 to 3.3 ft) in diameter. Taken from Wikimedia.

CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1407851u Otago Settlers Museum. 

Once your booking is confirmed your chauffeur will create the best itinerary for your perfect day. Your input is welcomed.